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    Divorce and Family Matters
    At the Law Office of Tabitha M. Marsh, PLLC, we give our clients the support they need in resolving legal issues related to families and the breakup or separation of family members. Parents who are divorcing have much to consider. At the forefront is often child custody, which can come in many forms, including joint custody and sole custody, legal custody and physical custody, an evaluation of custody or a modification of custody. At our law office, we will take the time to ensure that you understand this legal process and are informed as to every aspect of your legal matter.

    We also provide aggressive representation with other divorce and legal separation issues, such as financial and property rights and spousal support. We can assist you in matters concerning paternity, visitation, and child support as well. We also handle cases involving modification and enforcement of established court orders and judgments.

     We also represent clients accused of child abuse or neglect.

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